A Digital Marketing Company

Ever since the very first marketing courses were taught in colleges in the early 20th century, the discipline has been about connecting the producers of goods and services and consumers with one another.

While that tradition still holds, we live in an exciting time of revolution; there has been a global shift in how people connect with brands, find products and services. There has been a fundamental change in how people are influenced and how they in turn influence others.

Brand leaders work with customers to co-create enduring value. Through digital marketing, brands have the opportunity to engage the whole customer and marketplace system. Considered together, content, search engines, and social connections are force multipliers acting upon one other resulting in more effective marketing.  One of the key questions in marketing today is, “how do we derive the most value from our marketing dollars?”  The answer lies in the concept of integrating the various components of digital and offline marketing: advertising; branding; search marketing; social media; content marketing; and more.

Your challenges are myriad: you must decide which changes to embrace or ignore. You must manage new skillsets. You will be called upon to develop processes that are improvable and add value to the organization and its customers.

A Customized Approach to Achieving Your Goals

DragonSearch provides a panoply of digital marketing services to help you meet those challenges. The organization is built on a legacy of process improvement, agile project management, creative and innovative solutions.

The mission at DragonSearch is our client’s success. To achieve this, we integrate real-world, holistic marketing into every aspect of our work. Our close-knit team is made up of online marketing consultants and experts who are passionate about the constant learning required to stay on top of the game. It’s our job to dive beneath the surface, to provide you with smarter solutions.

Integration, flexibility and collaboration are the key elements of our digital marketing campaigns. You need to know that your team will work together, solve issues from many angles with agility, and move quickly. If you have other agencies and departments as stakeholders, the team at DragonSearch is skilled at partnering with them to align with all of your company’s desired outcomes.

Our agency is agile, using deep-dive data to track and advance measurable goals. We design projects that are attainable, using creativity from a whole team of Dragons who concentrate on great user experience and long-term results.

Regardless of your size or campaign, our goal remains the same – we provide effective internet marketing services with measurable results. With offices in New York City and the Hudson Valley, DragonSearch provides customized digital marketing agency servicesconsulting and training to a variety of clients ranging from international corporations to niche local businesses.

Contact DragonSearch to discover how your organization can excel and prosper in the new world.