Web Traffic Analysis

Web traffic analysis is a critical step to understanding your website’s usability, performance, and visitors. Analytics software, such as Google Analytics, collects data ranging from visitor location to web traffic statistics including what pages that visitor viewed, how long that visitor stayed on your website, and if that visitor ultimately resulted in a conversion, such as an ecommerce transaction.

Conducting site traffic analysis within your website’s analytics software reveals what areas of your site are performing at a very high level and what sections are underperforming, thus resulting in not achieving the highest website ROI possible. In addition, website analysis typically reveals opportunities currently being lost as a result of your website’s current pages, copy, usability and more.

How Can DragonSearch Help Analyze and Improve My Website’s Performance?

Utilizing DragonSearch’s web traffic analysis consulting and training services not only provides a professional analysis of your website traffic statistics, but it also offers the knowledge, insight, and best practices that you can use for analyzing your website’s performance at any time. DragonSearch works with you in analyzing site traffic reports and statistics, while also conducting website usability analysis on each of your site’s pages. Through this process, visitor types and page structures that are most likely to increase website ROI are identified. In addition, analyzing site traffic reports identifies and quantifies the performance of your online marketing efforts, ranging from pay per click advertising to search engine optimization to banner ads.

What is Analyzed within Google Analytics?

All aspects of your web traffic statistics are analyzed meticulously to determine high performing and underperforming aspects of your site as a whole and also web page specific aspects such as copy, utilization of flash, images, and more.

DragonSearch’s Google Analytics consulting and training focuses on such aspects as:

  1. Google Analytics audit to ensure your analytics are tracking accurately and optimally
  2. Bounce rates for each web page, keywords (if utilizing pay per click advertising), and other online marketing efforts such as banner ads or email blasts
  3. Visitor demographics and statistics ranging from location to loyalty
  4. Identifying visitor segments that find your site content most relevant and are resulting in the most conversions
  5. Web page navigational trends on your site
  6. Sources of traffic to your website

Does Your Consulting Cover All Analytics Software or Just Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is the most widely used analytics software, but DragonSearch’s web traffic analysis consulting and training can be used for any analytics software.

Contact DragonSearch for more information pertaining to our web traffic analysis consulting and training services. We can help you improve the usability and performance of your website to reach its true ROI potential.