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Ric Dragon

CEO and co-founder of DragonSearch, Ric Dragon has more than 20 years of extensive experience in graphic design, information architecture, web development and digital marketing. He is a sought-after speaker, having spoken at numerous marketing and technology conferences. Ric is also a regular guest columnist for Marketing Land, and Social Media Monthly.

His book, Social Marketology, was published by McGraw-Hill in June 2012 and has received positive reviews. His previous book, The DragonSearch Online Marketing Manual is also available.

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Ric Dragon

Blog Posts by Ric Dragon

DragonSearch Core Values

September 7th, 2012

We’ve had time lately to work on some of our organization thinking… including the drafting of our core values.  We’ve spent some good time discussing these – and believe that none can be taken away and still retain our identity. There are human endeavors that take away from the world, others that neither add nor subtract, and then others that create positive value. When you take two things and create more by adding them together – that’s creating positive value. … Continue reading

Wieden + Kennedy’s new video for Southern Comfort: brilliant storytelling

August 8th, 2012

Every so often, a video or ad appears that is simply brilliant in its storytelling – and in my view, this piece for Southern Comfort by Wieden + Kennedy hits the mark. The campaign, dubbed “Whatever’s Comfortable” is said by WK to “celebrate and inspire the awesome attitude of people who are completely comfortable with themselves.”

Books on Storytelling and Brands

August 6th, 2012

Storytelling. An age-old practice of sharing information, stories and historical perspective across generations. Today, social media has risen as effective storytelling outlet that brings people, businesses, even cultures closer together. Many books have been written about the art of storytelling. Using listl.ly, I have highlighted some of my favorite books on the subject. If you have a favorite, “vote” for it or, if you don’t see it on the list, add it so others can be aware of it.

Brand Equity and Social Media: An Opossum’s Tale

July 23rd, 2012

Imagine a desert island occupied by no more than twenty people.  They are living in their own little village.  Over time, one of the inhabitants finds that their skill at tanning opossum skins is more and more valued, so others are willing to bring fish and breadfruits to the tanner.  Over time, the tanner has a business. He’s literally raking in the clams.

The Power of Measuring – Babies and Marketing

April 30th, 2012

Last night, I went to the local grocery story, and purchased a shaving soap cup, brush, and a razor, and back at home, helped my son with the shaving of his eiderdown beard and mustache.  This rite of passage reminded me that 15 years ago, this lad had come into the world with measured perfection, at least according to the Apgar test. (According to his father, he required no such test. He was perfect the moment I laid eyes on … Continue reading

E-marketing Terminology: Internet, Web, Digital, or Online Marketing?

April 18th, 2012

In general I look on our company’s website with pride. Every now and then, however, I wake up and feel that something is out of place or outdated, not unlike the feeling I sometimes have gazing around my living room, in fact. In the case of our home page, the plaid couch is nothing short of the central phrase describing what we do: “Internet marketing.” We fall back on “online marketing.” Many years ago, in one of the first iterations … Continue reading

Fear and Loving in Social Media

April 2nd, 2012

Fear and Loving in Social Media Why Social Media Changes the Way Brands do Business Ric Dragon urges marketers to accept that the locus of control over brand identity has shifted. Today, brand entities are becoming cooperative concepts owned and maintained by companies and consumers. Rather than view this shifting social media landscape as loss of tactical turf, Ric envisions a vast landscape of opportunity on which companies and consumers can build a future together. Ric Dragon: an Introduction to … Continue reading

Customer Service Experience: Make the Impossible Possible

February 3rd, 2012

Sometimes I’m utterly amazed at how some large businesses are unable to fix bad customer experiences. I’m sharing this story, not to browbeat my cell phone company, but to talk about the root problem.

Poughkeepsie Chapter of the Association For Computing Machinery 23 Jan 2012

January 23rd, 2012

Tonight I’ll be speaking with the Poughkeepsie Chapter of the Association For Computing Machinery.  I’ve spoken at one of their meetings before, and thoroughly enjoyed it. You probably won’t find a room full of more powerful brains in the Hudson Valley. I’m taking the opportunity to discuss one of my favorite topics, the history of engineering and marketing.  Here in the Hudson Valley, we’re in the historic stomping grounds – or at least the vicinity of a great deal of the history of … Continue reading

Google Logo Colors: What Would Come Next?

December 30th, 2011

Trying to Second-Guess the Color of the Google Logo from Existing Data One of the favorite games of SEO’s is to figure out what Google is thinking based on the data available.  We create tests, analyze patterns, and even carefully review Matt Cutts’ videos backwards, seeking hidden messages.  In that tradition, DragonSearch has embarked on a study of the colors in the Google logo to determine what color would come next if there was another letter in the Google name. … Continue reading

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