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An #SEOchat tweet from Mike Ramsey

Lessons Learned About Local Link Building During #SEOchat

Every Thursday around noon I get excited because it means #SEOchat is only 1 hour away. Why do I get so excited about a Twitter chat? Because for one hour every week I get to nerd out on a plethora of different SEO-related topics, with a bunch of other knowledgeable people who are there to do the same. Inevitably I have an ah-ha moment every week. This week our Director of SEO, Jason White, hosted a discussion on local link … Continue reading

6 Value-Adds When Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

Attempting to consider your marketing strategy in the context of an hourly rate can be frightening. It’s not uncommon to hear rates of well over one or two hundred dollars-per-hour for professional marketing services, and even more for strategic planning or consulting hours. At some point you’ll consider what makes the most sense; is it better for you to hire individual marketers and build-out in-house expertise or is it wiser to work with an agency of experts? While it ultimately … Continue reading

A Dragons Wish List for 2015

  It is the time of year when predictions for the next year fly off the shelves like the Elsa doll from Disney’s ‘Frozen.’ Instead of bringing you another predictions post, we decided to share with you what #usDragons really want to see in the digital marketing industry for 2015. So here is our Wish List… Evan Auerbach I wish… Hootsuite included functionality for being able to queue tweets that include an image. As an active user, this is one … Continue reading

Ric Dragon

From Artist to CEO to Artist; The Evolution of a Dragon

December 1st, 2014 by

On December 31st, 2014, I’ll be stepping down as the CEO of DragonSearch, and will be refocusing on my work as an artist. Several years ago, Eta Ivkovic, our general manager here at DragonSearch, agreed that we should leave work a little early, and attend a meet-up in Manhattan where a couple of authors were reading from their new books. Over beers and hors-oeuvres, I chatted with an acquisitions editor; a conversation that concluded with an invitation for me to … Continue reading

Ralph Legnini

Content Marketers Meet-Up

November 26th, 2014 by
The DragonSearch collaborative space in Kingston, NY

Collaborative Space Available at DragonSearch   Kingston is located in the Hudson Valley of New York State. It has historical significance; back in the day, this river town was the first capital. The Uptown Stockade District is booming, and there have been many recent articles about NYC folk relocating to this unique and beautiful area. Everyone has to live and work somewhere, and many people currently residing and commuting to their jobs in crowded urban environments are looking for change. … Continue reading

Abe Uchitelle

Kevin Mullett & the Role of Sales, Technology and the Conference Circuit – Marketology in Motion Video Interview

November 20th, 2014 by
Marketology in Motion Interview featuring Kevin Mullet and Abe Uchitelle having fun

Interview with Kevin Mullett, Director of Visibility at MarketSnare The best career stories are those that start with someone solving a basic need to help a community of like-minded individuals. Kevin Mullett’s story began with an earnest desire to improve his community of video-game players, which ultimately turned him on to programming. Coming from a sales and marketing background, he naturally applied these skills in that realm and became a real champion of digital marketing. The Importance of Sales in … Continue reading


A Disciplined Approach to Problem Solving

November 6th, 2014 by
A template of the circle of truth used for problem solving and data collection

In all organizations large and small, problems occur on a regular basis. Products/services priced too high, files continually missing, increased turnover, allocation of resources, competition requiring product revision, customer problems with call center, production defects, customer complaints, customer returns, etc. In order to solve any problem we must first understand the cause. Good problem solving skills require that we create a problem statement (consisting of an object and a defect), which is the result of a situation appraisal activity. Then, … Continue reading

Ralph Legnini

Social Media Advertising Workshop Recap

October 23rd, 2014 by
Ralph Legnini talks to a few workshop participants about social advertising

Cutting the ribbon. The first pitch in a new stadium. The kick-off event in a renovated venue. The maiden voyage of an innovative jetliner. It was a special evening where Dragons made a statement in their new Hudson Valley production space. The message was that our digital marketing team is driven to elevate the community in an effort to share our knowledge. We want to give back by bringing value to local business and organizations. Naturally, it was our Workshop … Continue reading

Ralph Legnini

How to Improve Your Company’s Website: November Workshop at DragonSearch

October 8th, 2014 by
Ralph Legnini and Evan Auerback lead a workshop at DragonSearch

Small Business Website Improvement Workshop UPDATE: This workshop has been cancelled and will be rescheduled in the future. Please sign-up on our mailing list to receive notifications of future workshops. If your business has already been around for a while, then most likely, so has your website. Take a moment to think back to when and how you created it… Did you hire a designer, a web developer? Perhaps a friend did it for you, or a student? Did you have … Continue reading

Abe Uchitelle

Jonathan Goodman & Marketing with Technology – Marketology in Motion Video

September 26th, 2014 by
Screenshot from Marketology in Motion of Jonathan Goodman and Abe Uchitelle

Video Interview with Jonathan Goodman, Owner of Halyard Consulting One of my favorite topics these days is how each of us blend of marketing expertise with technical know-how. For Jonathan Goodman of Halyard Consulting, it was the journey that brought him from an education in photography to a career in internet marketing. It seems that so many of our guests, and our team here at DragonSearch, has made a similar leap. As Jonathan says, “You need to understand all aspects … Continue reading

Jonathan McDonald

A Peek Into the Dragon Life

September 11th, 2014 by
A light in the floor at the DragonSearch office with a dragon inside it breathing fire

DragonSearch recently had the privilege to move into a newly modernized historic building at 8 N. Front Street in Kingston, NY. Built in 1921, the building is listed in the National Registry of Historic Places and was the original location of the Packard Motor’s car dealership. Steel beams, cement floors, brightly painted walls, and modern lighting, make up our 19,000 square-foot space. Hidden throughout, you will find touches of the DragonSearch culture. From the glowing DragonMoon that greets you at … Continue reading

Ralph Legnini

Social Media Advertising Workshop: Effective LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook Ads

September 3rd, 2014 by
A close-up of a social ads workshop worksheet with fields for goals and objectives

The New York Times recently published an in-depth article on Facebook ads that is a must read for any business owner. One of the biggest takeaways… if you own a business in 2014 – you should definitely be advertising on social media! Social media ads provide business owners and marketers with a unique opportunity to reach people during times when they are more likely to act on ad messages. Think about it…you are sending them messages when they are on their … Continue reading

Caitlin Boroden

Integrated Web Development: Building a Better Site with Design, SEO, CRO & Social

August 28th, 2014 by
a close-up drawing of a house with bricks that say social, google and more

Did you ever hear the story about the SEO who tried to optimize the entire internet? She worked feverishly, day in and day out, website by website, working towards creating an internet optimized to perfection. Everyday she worked, but everyday more websites kept popping up. She simply couldn’t keep up, so she devised a plan – a plan to get designers and developers involved. Slowly, she taught them the ways of SEO, CRO and social integration and they quickly picked up on … Continue reading


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