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A drawing of a Facebook post showing the link to the website for Opengraph Publisher Mark-Up

Implementing Facebook Publisher Markup On Your Website

Chris Berkley

Last week Facebook did something really cool. They changed Opengraph Publisher Mark-Up for Facebook authors and pages. Allow me to explain: You’re already accustomed to Opengraph tags and the wonderful benefits they provide. In fact, if I had to pick the two things I like best about Facebook, it’s Humans of New York and Opengraph…

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A potted plant and a watering can with brand and reputation management written on them

Why Staples (Almost) Rocks At Reputation Management

Jacques Bouchard

A few weeks ago, Staples really impressed me. Or, at least, @Staples did. In a nutshell, I’d purchased a mouse from the local store — cheapest I could find — and it was literally falling apart that same day. More accurately, it was sliming apart in my hands. I didn’t have the receipt, and with my wife…

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A drawing of a person talking into a can phone while someone listens

Why You Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

Ralph Legnini

I have found there are three reasons that clients come to a digital marketing agency: They need assistance in their digital marketing efforts and seek expert advice, marketing creativity and innovation, and implementation of it all because they do not possess those skills themselves or have an in-house team. They know what they want done…

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The Halo Effect of PPC

James Kravic

Brand Growth & Customer Loyalty I have always been told by old-school marketers that PPC is the faucet that can be turned on and off; generate sales in the short term while SEO and social media provide the long term solution. Well, I would argue that PPC also carries many of those same long term…

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The DragonSearch team in the Kingston office

Dear Agency: Balancing SEO Needs and Web Development Resources


Dear Agency, We’re not sure that our dev team can handle the amount of recommendations you’ve made in the SEO audit. We just think it will overwhelm our team.” Best, Backlogged in Boise Dear Backlogged in Boise, With SEO, more than with other forms of digital marketing, there’s often an initial surge of tasks for the…

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A list of digital marketing tactics being cleaned up with a broom

Digital Marketing Spring Cleaning


Spring cleaning has different a meaning for each of us. As digital marketers, it’s a great time for new beginnings. For this post, we asked our entire team to share their thoughts. Enjoy! Evan Auerbach If you’re as OCD as I am and you care about your twitter follower ratio, you’re going to love this…

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