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Photo of Jannette Pazer
Introducing the new G+ screen.

The Google Plus Makeover – Impacts on Your Business Pages

Jannette Pazer

First Impressions of the New Google+ This week I thought I’d do a test run of the new Google+ user interface. However, this was far more than a user interface update. Things are very different and pose significant questions and challenges when it comes to promoting your business with a Google+ page, especially local pages.

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Photo of Jason White
Twitter Search Results Packs

What You Need to Know About Twitter Search Results Packs

Jason White

There’s been much discussion about Twitter’s updated partnership with Google — which has enabled the indexation of tweets in the SERPs. The new ”firehose” has been in place for a few months now, but recently, Twitter results packs began appearing on mobile SERPs. By August 21st, Twitter feeds began to appear on desktop searches; Mozcast…

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Photo of Chris Berkley
A drawing of a Facebook post showing the link to the website for Opengraph Publisher Mark-Up

Implementing Facebook Publisher Markup On Your Website

Chris Berkley

Last week Facebook did something really cool. They changed Opengraph Publisher Mark-Up for Facebook authors and pages. Allow me to explain: You’re already accustomed to Opengraph tags and the wonderful benefits they provide. In fact, if I had to pick the two things I like best about Facebook, it’s Humans of New York and Opengraph…

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Photo of Jacques Bouchard
A potted plant and a watering can with brand and reputation management written on them

Why Staples (Almost) Rocks At Reputation Management

Jacques Bouchard

A few weeks ago, Staples really impressed me. Or, at least, @Staples did. In a nutshell, I’d purchased a mouse from the local store — cheapest I could find — and it was literally falling apart that same day. More accurately, it was sliming apart in my hands. I didn’t have the receipt, and with my wife…

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Photo of Jason White
Director of SEO, Jason White, with an SEO nerd sign stuck to his back

What is Social Schema?

Jason White

A recent question from a new hire created a ton of laughter at DragonSearch. “J, I noticed on that call [we just finished] that you kept referencing Social Schemas. I’m assuming that those are things like Open Graph and Twitter Cards, but I wasn’t sure as I haven’t heard this term before. Did you hear…

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Photo of DragonSearch

A Dragons Wish List for 2015


  It is the time of year when predictions for the next year fly off the shelves like the Elsa doll from Disney’s ‘Frozen.’ Instead of bringing you another predictions post, we decided to share with you what #usDragons really want to see in the digital marketing industry for 2015. So here is our Wish…

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Photo of Ralph Legnini

Social Media Advertising Workshop Recap

Ralph Legnini

Cutting the ribbon. The first pitch in a new stadium. The kick-off event in a renovated venue. The maiden voyage of an innovative jetliner. It was a special evening where Dragons made a statement in their new Hudson Valley production space. The message was that our digital marketing team is driven to elevate the community…

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Photo of Evan Auerbach
A drawing of ice cubes melting on a blue background

5 Things Marketers Can Learn from the #IceBucketChallenge

Evan Auerbach

By now you can’t go anywhere without hearing something about the #IceBucketChallenge – it’s on the TV, it’s in newspapers, and it’s definitely on your Facebook and Instagram news feeds. Everyone, from athletes and celebs, to politicians and executives are taking part in the mega-viral social media phenomenon to help bring awareness to amyotrophic lateral…

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