Digital Advertising


The Halo Effect of PPC

James Kravic

Brand Growth & Customer Loyalty I have always been told by old-school marketers that PPC is the faucet that can be turned on and off; generate sales in the short term while SEO and social media provide the long term solution. Well, I would argue that PPC also carries many of those same long term…

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Red and blue social media thumbs up and thumbs down

Social Media Advertising for Political Campaigns

Ralph Legnini

We had a political candidate come in to DragonSearch last October 2014. Their campaign was trying everything they could think of, but the popular incumbent opponent was so far ahead in the polls, the race was already deemed over. They came to us to inquire about a last ditch effort using social media ads. Game…

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A screenshot showing the Google AdWords new release

What the Google AdWords Updates Mean for PPC Teams & Clients

James Kravic

On April 22nd Google officially announced exciting new features being released on the AdWords platform. The new product announcements fall under three different pillars: Innovative Ad Formats, Insightful Reporting and Intelligent Tools. These new features will be rolled out gradually over the next couple of months. Here are our thoughts on each.

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Employees working in a technology office.

The Growth of Programmatic Advertising Platforms and Processes – What Are We Measuring?

Henry Blaufox

Looking back on 2013, our industry saw a growing acceptance of “programmatic” transactions for buying and selling online advertising. Programmatic refers to the myriad advertising technologies that have come to market in the past several years to automate what have otherwise been manual processes. Lately, real time bidding (RTB) has been confused with programmatic. Real…

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seasonal ppc

Understanding & Preparing for Seasonal Changes in Search Volume

James Kravic

The process of optimizing pay-per-click advertising campaigns for seasonal changes is one of the most important things that digital advertisers can understand. Now that the biggest holiday season has come to a close, many advertisers believe that they are out of the woods with regard to major seasonal changes in search volume for their PPC…

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8 Google Analytics Custom Reports for AdWords E-Commerce Success

Andy Groller

Google Analytics offers many standard reports for evaluating and analyzing e-commerce statistics as it relates to Google AdWords traffic, whether it is the Clicks tab found throughout the AdWords reporting section or applying the Paid Search advanced segment within e-commerce reports. That said, many of these reports lack a comprehensive view of the most critical…

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