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Most of us welcome clear, practical, up-to-the moment, state-of-the-art know how served up in a highly engaging (non-geeky) manner. With each topic, Ric offers his “recipes for making the web work.” From novice to expert, Ric’s presentations are aligned to the people in the room and the themes and topics they care about most. Audience members will be impressed with Ric’s depth of knowledge and day-to-day hands on experience with social and search for clients large and small, local and global.

Imagine having everyone in your group 100 % engaged. Time will fly – whether it’s a keynote, a workshop session or an after meal speech. Ric’s speaking style is pleasant, engaging and entertaining.

What to Expect from a Presentation

Ric’s modular approach allows for a structure that fits your agenda with a lively mix of audience interaction. Audience members will be encouraged to bring up topics they need to hear about, and questions they want answered.

  • Topics of interest
  • Custom focus on your industry or profession
  • High audience interactivity
  • Easy program scheduling from micro workshops to a full keynote

Recent speaking Engagements include:


“Virtually every business and organization shares a desire to start with, know more about or just do better with their online marketing, social media and Internet search engine optimization rankings, web-based advertising from SEO to Pay Per Click.”

-Ric Dragon, a founder DragonSearch and frequent business group speaker brings these topics to life with his “Social Web & Search Success Recipes” –a cookbook–related approach to some of the liveliest and most engaging presentations.


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Your program will be only the start. Your guests will be invited to “follow” Ric on Twitter, “friend” the Dragon Search team on Facebook, and otherwise keep the relationship going. You might like to check in with Ric and colleagues at www.dragonsearchmarketing.com

When appropriate, selected audience members will be invited to WIN A FREE Search and Social Evaluation and Score from DragonSearch.

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Why DragonSearch Speakers Bureau?

Our purpose behind this speakers bureau springs directly from what we do – networking. We know that business will grow by making friends who will recommend DragonSearch.

To learn more please look through the attached information and contact Ric and the DragonSearch Speakers Bureau.