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Engagement.  The key to effective social media marketing.  It’s not enough to just build followers, friends and “likes.”  Getting people to interact with your clients, recommend their products, and become brand advocates… that’s the mission.  And at DragonSearch, it’s our priority.

DragonSearch is a rapidly growing digital marketing firm servicing clients throughout the US.  We are looking for a Social Media Marketing Master, someone passionate about how social is connecting people, companies, products and brands like never before. Is that you?  Prove it.  Let us know that you can take your love for social media put it to work along with your past career experience, which could include marketing, copywriting, web development, public relations, waiting tables…whatever gives you an edge to getting people engaged.

A Little About You:

  • Some would call you obsessed with social media.
  • You don’t take work home – you take your hobby to work.
  • You take the lead on projects with a flexible attitude to work assignments.
  • The “bleeding edge” of Social Media is where you prefer to be.
  • Your blog and social media activities have quite a following.
  • Looking at the clock the other night, you realized you just spent 2 hours “Pinning.”
  • Words flow from you like, well, you’re the writer..YOU make it up.
  • SEO fascinates you and you’re eager to learn more.
  • Your online marketing prowess has been compared to ‘Walker: Texas Ranger.’
  • You continually demand new skills to maintain your Social, SEO and marketing excellence.
  • College graduate? That would be nice. Especially if it’s been a few years since graduation day. But you may have a good excuse for not having a degree.
  • You aren’t interested in a job.  You want a career.

A Little About UsDragons:

DragonSearch has a strong reputation that is growing quickly.   We work with companies in a variety of industries to help them build and manage their online presence throughout the Internet, including social media, attract relevant organic traffic to their site, and help clients increase conversions. We help large and small-sized businesses start, maintain and improve their efforts in online marketing – we even wrote a book about online marketing for small businesses.

Our philosophy, goals, process and actions all stem from one motto: Make the Internet Better. We’re a self learning-focused organization, which strives to put the most current, relevant industry knowledge into action every day of the year. What’s your philosophy? What motivates you to do your best in the Social Media Marketing realm? What are some of your client success stories?

So Let’s Talk:

Send us your letter of interest, and don’t forget to include your salary requirements along with links to your writing and samples of your work.  Send to [email protected]


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