Need to Increase Targeted Website Traffic with Long Term ROI?

Several options exist to increasing not only your website traffic, but driving highly targeted, and most likely to provide a return on investment, traffic to your site too. Pay per click advertising and search engine optimization, when used together, provide an excellent one, two punch to achieving the targeted traffic and marketing ROI you desire. Although best if used together, the separate use of both options still provides an excellent opportunity to improve your marketing ROI and increasing web traffic to your site.

How Can PPC and SEO Help Improve My Marketing ROI?

Pay per click advertising on Google, Yahoo and other search engines, when structured and managed appropriately, provides an immediate impact on your online marketing activities. Utilizing highly relevant keywords and specific ad copy tailored to target ready to buy users, PPC not only increases targeted web traffic but delivers immediate purchases and conversions leading to an improvement in your ROI. In addition, PPC increases brand recognition and consumer loyalty, leading to benefits being received well into the future. DragonSearch’s PPC bid and campaign management services can help you drive highly targeted traffic to your website immediately.

Results from professional search engine optimization services, in comparison to pay per click advertising, typically take longer to occur due to several factors including the creation of optimized site content, the search engine spiders, like Google and Yahoo, indexing your site’s pages and building up the trust and authority of your pages. These activities help raise the ranking of your website within each search engine’s natural search listings, with the ultimate goal of being in the top position for highly relevant searches. SEO also helps create the most effective website design of your site to suit the goals of today in order to reap the benefits of the future.

When used together, PPC targets users that may not be familiar with your brand while SEO sets your site up for present and future success via increasing organic Google web traffic, optimization of site content, and other activities including blogging, linkbuilding, and more.

How Can I Determine My ROI from These Options?

If your website utilizes web analytics tracking software, such as Google Analytics, calculating ROI from pay per click advertising is very easy since both cost and revenue, or conversion, data is calculated within the web analytics software.  We can also use web analytics and keyword visibility software to measure increased organic traffic to a website and increased search engine rankings.  Increased traffic and visibility converts into leads and sales making online marketing services one of the most cost effective areas to apply your marketing and advertising dollars.

Measuring marketing ROI from social media marketing, on the other hand, is made difficult due to the wide range of activities that can be utilized. As a result, we have developed a Social Networking Media ROI Calculator specifically designed to help calculate the ROI received from various social networking engagements and activities.

Contact DragonSearch for more information pertaining to our pay per click, search engine optimization and social media marketing services.  We can help you increase the targeted website traffic you desire while providing the one, two punch you need for short and long term marketing ROI.