The Time is Now for Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management is usually only thought about when it becomes a problem for a company.

Most of Us Don’t Think About Online Reputation Management Until It Is Too Late

Many a company will go about their business until one day they happen to Google their personal or the companies name and find out that a competitor is not only saying slanderous things about them, but that these lies are holding the #3 ranking on Google, or that a disgruntled employee filed a grievance on Ripoff Report.

That’s When You Begin to Think About Online Reputation Management Services

Managing an online reputation is not as easy as it sounds. The internet is still a wild place and no one entity controls it. On top of that, much is covered under the ideas of free speech. Pretty much any individual with a computer has the right to go online and say whatever they wish with what ever medium they wish. And once someone puts something on line and it gets indexed by the search engines, it can show up in some time.
That bad review of your business might be showing up as #3 in the search engines for over six months.

It is Not Easy to Manage Your Online Reputation

Repairing and online reputation can be done, but even the best professionals acknowledge that it is very difficult, slow at best and not always successful.  Anyone who promises to achieve miracles on search engine reputation management and guarantees a positive result 100% of the time is lying or using black hat techniques that will eventually result in a worse off online reputation.

Online Reputation Management Services Can Still Help

If you find that your business has unfavorable blog posts, reviews, negative critiques or just wild gossip about you or your business, there are various search engine techniques that will be able to push the negative posts out of the direct site of your customers.  DragonSearch can help you control the positive message and improve your online reputation.
Depending on the level of online damage, our reputation management services will include a whole arsenal of tactics and strategies. Carefully customized to fit the sensitive needs of your company and based on our past reputation management training and experience, the negative will be replaced by the positive as we manage your online reputation.

Preventative Reputation Management Services

Even if no one has said anything bad about you or your company, it can be very beneficial for any business to control their presence online and make sure the correct message is being sent to customers.  In tandem with professional search engine optimization services, managing an online reputation can also help insure that your customers can find you and your website is getting the traffic and positive attention it deserves.
If you have a problem with unfavorable search results when someone looks up you or your business online, contact DragonSearch. No lies, no false promises, no miracles, but proven online reputation management services that can give your website the positive boost it needs.