Social Networking Media ROI Calculator

Tip of the hat to the Blog ROI piece in Groundswell, by Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff – Our Social Media ROI Calculator has been extended and modified for all Social Media activities.

Since we created this ROI calculator, we’ve also written several other articles related to measuring and calculating Social Media return on investment:

Setting Up Social Media    
Installation of Blog(s)  
Setup of Social Media accounts and pages (Facebook, Twitter, etc)  
Training of personnel  
Social Media monitoring  
Other Activities  
total Social Media Set-up costs  
Annual Maintenance Cost  
Value of Incoming Traffic    
Average Cost Per Click for incoming clicks if we were to pay for PPC.  
Daily Incoming users (to calculate value of incoming clicks)  
Annualized Clicks  
Value of Clicks  
PR Value    
Quantity of Stories  
Value of Stories  
PR Value Gross  
Word of Mouth Value    
Quantity of Posts  
Value of Posts  
Word of Mouth Value Gross  
Research Value    
Quantity of focus groups  
Value of Focus Groups  
Research Value Gross  
Cost of Employees engaged in Social Media    
Estimated quantity of employees enged in social media  
Estimated hours per week  
Estimated average hourly cost of employee  
Employees times hours  
Times 52 weeks in year  
Cost of Employees engaged in social media  


Start-up and ongoing costs Costs  
Social Media Program Setup  
Ongoing maintenance and training  
Soft costs    
Content production, including employee time  
Total Costs, year one  
Benefit Analysis (annual) Value  
Advertising value: visibility/traffic  
PR value; press stories about/driven from blog content  
Word-of-mouth value: referring posts on other medium- to high-profile blogs  
Research value: customer insights  
Gross Value:  
Expenses (see table above)  
Net Value: