About DragonSearch

In 2007, Twitter was presented to attendees of SxSW, the leading interactive conference in the world, and the iPhone was featured on the cover of Time Magazine as the Invention of the Year. While Facebook was not yet the dominant social media platform, Blog World presented its inaugural conference in Las Vegas.

That same year, marketing veteran Donald Tallerman joined forces with Ric Dragon to form DragonSearch, to provide digital marketing services to organizations in a wide range of vertical industries across the US. With roots in both Madison Avenue and web and application development, the organization was born with an ethos in intelligent marketing, technology, and process-improvement.

The DragonSearch approach to digital marketing is built on an integrated approach designed to create value that helps client organizations thrive in the digital revolution. Added Value comes about when actions or objects, through combination or a change of context, creates more value than the disparate components.

Relevance and Context

With the advent of the Internet and the Web, each of us has the ability to access an ocean of information. The challenge in this environment is accessing the right information at the right moment. Wielding the art and science of search engine optimization and digital advertising, DragonSearch provides the expertise necessary to help your markets connect with your brand, its products, and its services.

Social Media represents a revolution in business communications. Built on whole systems of new technologies and behaviors, the epoch of social media has brought about a disruption greater than any since the development of the Gutenberg Press. Combined with traditional and search marketing, social can create a connectivity that provides your brand with context.

DragonSearch is a pioneer in providing social media marketing combined with search marketing, in a framework that is repeatable, improvable, and measurable. The agency’s methodologies have been taught to hundreds of agencies across the world, and are being used in the nascent digital marketing programs at many MBA programs nationally.


  • Privately held
  • Incorporated in New York, 2007
  • Office locations in New York, NY, and Kingston, NY, in the Hudson Valley


Contact DragonSearch for more information pertaining to our search engine marketing consulting and management services. Take advantage of the benefits a well designed and managed online marketing plan can offer for your products and services.

New York City Office:

12 West 23rd Street
3rd Floor
New York, NY 10010
Tel: (212) 246-5087

Kingston, NY (Hudson Valley) Office:

8 N Front St
Kingston, NY 12401
Tel: (845) 383-0890