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Jim Edelstein needed a Social Media ROI calculation for a client earlier this morning, so I obliged him with a nice Word doc.  He came back and said, “thats nice, but the clients now needs it in Excel”.  Ok – back to the drawing board.  Then, my new director of Social Media, Claudia D’Arcy, along with our head of SEO, Eta Ivkovic, asked that it be converted into an online tool.  With the help of a nice tool from , and a bit of noodling, the result is here for your benefit.

Please let me know if you have any comments, suggested improvements, etc.

Thanks to Dag Holmboe and others who have asked questions and offered suggestions. Thanks to Social Steve for his mention and discussion at

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8 comments on “Social Media ROI Calculator

Sarah LaLiberte

Great tool – thanks for developing! It’s something we’ve all been thinking about for awhile now and it’s great to actually see it done. It’s always nice to have additional tools to validate our thought process for what we know is true but can’t necessarily tie to a number. Kudos!!

Sarah @ GY&K


who determined what the “values” were in this calculator? They are already plugged in…

David Coakley

Nice tool there. Anything to help entrepreneurs and investors evaluate opportunities and prepare realistic proformas and expectations is worthwhile. I look forward to the evolution of the SocMed ROI Calculator!

Ted Hopton

Would be most interested in your thoughts and response to the commentary shredding this calculator here:

I’m surprised no one else has left a comment about that already.

Koen ter Denge

What are the drivers for value? It is expressed in money, but benefits are more on knowledge sharing and creation I think, items hard to express in numbers.

Ric Dragon

Hi Jess; The ‘plugged-in’ values are for example only… you can edit them to fit your needs.

Ric Dragon

Hi Koen; You’re right- the difficult-to-measure social capital benefits are by far greater – the idea here is that sometimes we have to communicate monetary benefits to stakeholders. And if we try to see things through the “eyes” of the organization, we often find other places that organization is expending capital that is comprible to social media activities.

Ric Dragon

A really thorough criticism of the ROI Calculator, for sure. The author makes some excellent points. Since the calculator was submitted to the world for feedback its all welcome – but I think that the idea what I’ve posted is that it should be a way of looking of things… its not about the particulars that are cited. PR Stories may not have any value to your orgnanization – but what is?