Variations in Social Media Mentions Matter: Boolean Can Help

For many of our clients, we use several social media monitoring tools to keep tabs on how their brand is being communicated about on social media, blogs, news outlets, etc. But we realized those tools weren’t capturing everything. So, our staff looked to boolean search to create queries for the tools that would help find all the mentions. Why is this important? Here is an infographic that explains how variations to your company’s name, products and industry can impact the results you get from monitoring.


Infographic using beer variations to show how boolean with social media monitoring

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3 comments on “Variations in Social Media Mentions Matter: Boolean Can Help

Andrew Ciccone

Great infographic.  
“Bud” would of course come up real good as well, alas that’s a brand.


    Andrew Ciccone Thanks Andrew – we tried to stick to non-brand names for the infographic, but yes, people do refer to “a bud” as a beer, just like Kleenex is often used for any brand of tissues. “Bud” would be a tricky name to monitor, as you would definitely need to also scan for relevant contextual terms to go along with it to narrow it down to mentions about beer and not someone’s nickname or part of a plant!

Andrew Ciccone

True, agree. Thanks “Bud”.