Why You Need Social Media Strategy

In the course of my job, I often study the social media goings-on of major brands. I mean, I really dig in and study what they do. I’ve discovered some companies doing a superb job, like Maersk , Sony Professional, Cisco , and the Ritz-Carlton. Too often, though, I find brands thrashing about without a cohesive strategy.
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You might find the very word “strategy” distasteful – all of that business about Chinese generals and Napoleonic struggles, suggesting that strategy is all about defeating an enemy.

It can also be about the creating of an overarching plan that helps all the various players involved work together to reach their shared desired outcomes. Social media is still the new-kid-on-the-block when it comes to marketing. Drawing on our company’s legacy in application development and the accompanying process-improvement mindset, DragonSearch has been actively developing process and strategy for social media since before Twitter debuted at SxSW.

Our work was the basis for the book Social Marketology, countless articles and presentations, and now, a workshop that we’ll be providing at Social Shake-Up in Atlanta.

In learning a strategy framework, marketers will save a lot of time and effort in the creation of strategy. As importantly, they’ll have the tools to communicate more effectively with their organization’s leadership, in order to get the maximum support.

In addition to providing the overall framework, we’ll also be demonstrating some great tools that will help you in your own efforts. Of course, as a workshop, the event will be hands-on, with participants actually working on their own or (if they prefer) another organization’s strategy.


Social Marketology Workshop Topics Will Include:

  • Developing a desired outcomes document, which covers purpose, vision, goals, objectives, and specific metrics
  • Creation of a brand voice document
  • Micro-Segmentation brainstorming and documentation
  • Community research
  • Influencer research
  • Creating an Action Plan

There will also be tools for identifying the focus of your efforts across the five major types of social media, which include:

  • Brand maintenance
  • Community
  • Influencer
  • Thought leadership/reputation management
  • Big splash

Other tools will help you identify the efforts you should allocate to each of the social media platforms appropriate to your organization, as well as planning out content marketing and a content calendar.

I hope you can join us in Atlanta on September 15th, 2013 for this special 3-hour workshop as part of the Social Shake-Up, put on by our friends at Social Media Today. To receive a special discount for the conference and workshop, please click here and use the code: DRAGON.  See you at the Shake-Up!

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4 comments on “Why You Need Social Media Strategy


We did a dry run this week and I can tell you this is going to be a
valuable workshop for anyone looking to get hands-on experience in
social media planning and strategy.  Ric, Paul & Eta make a great
team; their combined knowledge is colossal and this will be an
eye-opening training session jam packed with both information and group
work time.


Luckily, I was also part of that dry run along with digsart. I feel like I learned so much from this workshop in a short amount of time. Seeing the social media framework laid out from the ground up really enabled me to take a much more effective and strategic approach to creating a social media campaign.


Glad that Adam and Danielle felt the dry run went well.  As one of the facilitators, I couldn’t believe how fast the time went!  Ric’s book easily lends itself to this type of workshop and a lot of good questions are always the result. Taking this time to work on a social media strategy before diving into tweeting, posting, liking, engaging, etc., is so valuable.  I know attendees are going to get a lot out of this and I can’t wait to meet you all!

Evan J

At Social Media Today, we’ve been working closely with Ric and his team in preparation for their Social Marketology workshop, and it’s abundantly clear to all of us that it is going to be a highly insightful presentation well worth attending. Whether you already consider yourself somewhat of an expert in social media strategy, or you are more of a novice (no shame in that!), Ric’s methodology and thought leadership can make a tangible difference for your business.